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BIT-Cyber Classes & Coursework

Lower Level Courses

Guaranteed Admissions Agreement between Virginia Tech and NOVA lists recommended NOVA coursework for community college students majoring in IT or Business Administration. For personalized guidance, students should consult with BIT program staff and NOVA transfer advisers.

NOVA Coursework for Business Admin Major.pdf
NOVA Coursework for IT Major.pdf

Northern Virginia Community College transfer pathways for students with an associate degree in IT and Business Administration (coming soon)

Junior & Senior Level Courses

Required Courses for all PAMPLIN Students

  • MKTG 3104: Marketing Management
  • FIN 3104: Introduction to Finance
  • FIN 3054: Legal & Ethical Environment for Business
  • MGT 3304: Principles of Management
  • BIT 3414: Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • BIT 4604: Data Governance, Privacy & Ethics
  • MGT 4394: Strategic Management (Cyber Section)*

Required Courses for all BIT Students

  • BIT 3424: Intro to Business Analytics Modeling
  • BIT 3434: Advanced Modeling for Business Analytics
  • BIT 3444: Advanced Business Computing
  • BIT 4484: Project Management

Required Courses for BIT-Cyber 

BIT Electives (choose one)

  • BIT 4424: Business Data Visualization
  • BIT 5114: Crime and Conflict in Cyberspace*
  • BIT 5134: Cybersecurity Program Design & Operation*
  • SPIA 4374: Federal Cybersecurity Policy & Regulation