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BIT PhD Program Details

The BIT department is highly interdisciplinary—dealing with a range of disciplines such as operations management, supply chain management, management information systems, information systems, artificial intelligence, business analytics, decision science, and information technology, among others.

The BIT PhD curriculum is designed to fuse three primary areas of learning: (1) IS, operations management, and security discipline foundations; (2) science, theory, publishing, and career foundations; and (3) AI, ML, Analytics, and behavioral economics foundations. All these areas are supported by broader interdisciplinary training, aiming to produce breakthrough combinations and research in interdisciplinary frontiers. The program aims to tackle “Grand Challenges,” significant global problems requiring innovative societal, business, technology, and government transformations.

The curriculum includes eight mandatory interdisciplinary PhD seminars and a one-credit pass/fail interdisciplinary research Colloquium that students must attend every semester until graduation. These seminars and non-graded credits address the three major learning objectives of the program, covering diverse topics from supply chain management to behavioral economics.

Students are also required to take a minimum of six methods courses to deepen their understanding in four major areas of interest. The specific curriculum details, policies, requirements, and available methods and electives are provided in the linked companion documents.