Decision Support Systems

The job market for graduates of the Decision Support Systems (DSS) option is excellent. Over 100 companies and government organizations annually interview BIT seniors. DSS graduates typically obtain jobs in the information technology field. Job titles include consultant, technical consultant, systems analyst, systems developer, network administrator, management analyst, programmer analyst, project analyst, database developer, software developer, programming consultant, information manager, applications developer, and information management consultant, among many others. The largest single type of employer of DSS option graduates is typically consulting firms such as Accenture, KPMG, CGT, Deloitte & Touche, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Booz-Allen Hamilton, among many others.  However, numerous other types of companies and organizations hire DSS graduates to work in various IT-related jobs.  

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The job opportunities for OM option graduates are also excellent.  There is a general shortage of qualified graduates in the operations management area, thus our OM option graduates are in high-demand. OM option graduates are sometimes hired directly into management positions but most frequently they are hired into management or staff training positions. Following training OM majors are typically placed into supervisory or department head positions wherein they manage and oversee specific company operations. Alternatively they may be placed into staff positions where they are involved with company-wide operational decisions.

Cybersecurity Management and Analytics (BIT-Cyber)

The cybersecurity management and analytics (BIT-Cyber) option emphasizes business processes and data analytics as applied to cybersecurity management. BIT-Cyber students will gain proficiency in cyber policy, risk management, incident business response, using data to understand attacks on business assets, and overall management of the cybersecurity function within a business. Graduates of the program will be prepared for jobs as analysts, auditors, managers and planners within the cybersecurity function.

Global Services Economy

The services sector continues to be a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. economy to the extent that 80% of the U.S. labor force and over 70% of the U.S. GNP is related to the production and management of services. The continuous development of Information and Communication Technologies has resulted in new service-oriented fields such as:

  • Information Management – To plan, integrate and manage all the diverse information assets necessary to manage a business: from customer interaction to strategic decision making;
  • Web Services – To automate different aspects of business processes over the World Wide Web;
  • Data Management & Architecture – To ensure that data is available, accurate and secure across the organizations;
  • Services Supply Chain Management – To integrate, coordinate and enhance an organization’s operations across the supply chain, taking into account the more complex interaction with field service, customers and business partners;
  • Customer Relationship Management – To use sophisticated methods and technology tools to attract and keep customers.

As implied above, today’s projects and positions in the new services fields need “business analysts”, a type of employee who is trained both in business and technology. Students in the BIT major will acquire a deep understanding not only of technology and its place in the global economy but also of the business skills needed to help organizations improve upon their decision making competencies. As part of the BIT curriculum, students study process analysis and design, project management, and decision modeling. They also gain experience with topics such as information security and network management that are critical for successful careers in the emerging services economy.

Recent Employers of BIT Graduates

Accenture Apex Systems AT&T
Bank of America Bearing Point Booz Allen Hamilton
Cap Gemini CGI Deloitte & Touche
Ferguson Enterprises Freddie Mac GE Genworth Financial
Google IBM Johnson & Johnson
Legg Mason Lockhead Martin NBC
Nortel Northrup Grumman Philip Morris
Price Waterhouse Coopers SAIC Target
US General Accounting Office Unisys Virginia Power