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Option: Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM)

Operations and Supply chain management students

The OSM option is designed to teach our students how to manage operations in business and government.  An operation is the process by which a company or organization converts raw materials, labor and capital into a final product or service.

In an automobile company, materials and labor are transformed by manufacturing operations into cars.

In a hospital, nurses and doctors use medicines, care and equipment to help sick patients become healthy.

In a bank, staff members use computers and systems to manage the flow of money among accounts and provide customers with statements and other banking services.

Whatever the operation, decisions have to be made to:

  • establish work schedules for employees
  • forecast demand for products and services
  • improve and maintain quality
  • ensure adequate inventory
  • transport and store products and materials
  • order materials and parts

These all require operational decisions that can be made using the managerial techniques and computing technologies taught in the OSM option of our major.

Students in the OSM option take a variety of specialized courses in the operations and supply chain management field that prepare them to become operations and supply chain managers or to perform as staff members in operations functions.

Course topics focus on supply chain management and also include:

  • planning and control
  • logistics, quality management
  • scheduling, inventory control
  • forecasting, project management
  • product and service design
  • facility layout and process planning

OSM option majors are also taught computer and IT skills that will aid them in managing operations in today’s high-technology business environment.

  • The job opportunities for OSM option graduates are also excellent. There is a general shortage of qualified graduates in the operations management area, thus our OSM option graduates are in high-demand. OSM option graduates are sometimes hired directly into management positions, but most frequently they are hired into management or staff training positions. Following training, OSM majors are typically placed into supervisory or department head positions wherein they manage and oversee specific company operations. Alternatively they may be placed into staff positions where they are involved with company-wide operational decisions.