Undergraduate Programs

      • Decision Support Systems (BIT-DSS)

        The Decision Support Systems (DSS) option educates our students in the design, implementation and use of computerized systems that support business managers in the decision-making process. A decision support system is a computer system that typically encompasses mathematical models as well as informational databases and a user interface in order to provide recommended decisions to manager-users.

      • Operations and Supply Chain Management (BIT-OSM)

        The Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) option is designed to teach our students how to manage operations in business and government. An operation is the process by which a company or organization converts raw materials, labor and capital into a final product or service.

      • Cybersecurity Management and Analytics (BIT-Cyber)

        The cybersecurity management and analytics (BIT-Cyber) option emphasizes business processes and data analytics as applied to cybersecurity management. BIT-Cyber students will gain proficiency in cyber policy, risk management, incident business response, using data to understand attacks on business assets, and overall management of the cybersecurity function within a business. Graduates of the program will be prepared for jobs as analysts, auditors, managers and planners within the cybersecurity function.

For more information about BIT-Cyber, contact the BIT Department at 540-231-6596, or email BITcyber@vt.edu.