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Ankit Agarwalla

PhD Student

Currently on job market? NO

Year Started: 2023

Advisor(s): TBD

Committee Members: TBD

Research Topics: Responsible AI, Algorithmic Fairness, Ethical IS, Digital Forensics, Privacy and Security, Computational Social Science, HCI, Pattern Recognition.

Research Methods:  Mixed Methods, Econometrics, ML, DL, Data Science, Quantitative Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Mata Analysis


Programming Language:

C (till C99), C++, Java 14, MATLAB (Image Processing Toolbox 2019), Python (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Keras, sikit-learn, spaCy), R, ActionScript 3.0, Unix Shell Scripting.

Web Technology:

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Operating Systems:

Proficient: Linux, Windows; Familiar: Mac OS X.

Other Skills:

LATEX, EndNote, Excel, LibreOffice.

Target academic discipline(s): IS/IT/OM, Business Analytics

Previous education:

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow (Information Systems), Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics with Specialization in Data Science, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI).

Master of Technology in Information Technology (CWE), Jadavpur University (JU).

Master of Science in Computer Science, MAKAUT(WBUT).

Previous Work Experience: 

Guest Faculty – SVIMS.

Web Development Intern, OgmaTechLab.

Web Application Development Intern on Ardent Computech PVT. LTD