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BIT 4964 Cyber Field Study

Internships are an essential component of a student’s college education and allow students to obtain work experience, gain knowledge of business functions, explore a chosen career path, improve teamwork and communications skills, and increase marketability and value to employers. Academic internships are supervised work experiences involving the student, employer, faculty sponsor within the BIT department.

To meet graduation requirements, CMA and BIT-Cyber students must complete an internship of at least 300 hours, accompanied by the BIT 4964 Field Study (3cr) course. In-person internships provide the greatest practical benefit, but virtual internships are acceptable.  Internships may occur in any semester after a student reaches junior standing.  Internships must include work-related tasks that allow students to align and improve upon at least five cybersecurity competencies from the “List of Competencies (draft)” NIST IR 8355 site.  Students should focus on the technical competencies to enhance future cybersecurity skills.

Students bear the responsibility of acquiring an appropriate internship.  They are encouraged to search for internship opportunities in the varied and pioneering industries in the Greater Washington Metro DC area, but internship opportunities are found by various methods, including from resources below:

Once students have secured an internship that allows them to improve cybersecurity competencies, they should select the “Apply for Field Study” link below for approval. Each semester, students will be evaluated for approved enrollment in BIT 4964 Field Study course for the next semester. Approved students will be notified and enrolled to the course prior to the requested semester on a continually rolling basis until the last day to add by the BIT Department.