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BIT 4964 Cyber Field Study

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To meet graduation requirements, BIT-Cyber students must earn three hours of academic credit during an internship offered as BIT 4964. Academic internships are supervised work experiences involving the student, employer, faculty sponsor and the BIT department, which awards academic credit. Interns must work in an area aligned with their business major. Expectations are that students will utilize the varied and pioneering industries in the Northern Virginia area utilizing the resources of VT Innovation Campus.  Internships are an essential component of a student’s college education. Internships allow students to obtain work experience, gain knowledge of business functions, explore a chosen career path, improve teamwork and communications skills, and increase marketability and value to employers.

While internships may be coordinated with the faculty sponsor, university career offices, or directly with an employer, the student bears responsibility for acquiring an appropriate internship. This application ensures your internship is approved for the BIT 4964 Field Study course.  Students will be added to the course prior to the requested semester on a continually rolling basis by the BIT Department.