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  • Typically, early fall of your junior year.  Many companies recruit at Business Horizons
  • Typically, in the spring of your Junior year.
  • Starting in the summer prior to your senior year, extending into your last semester prior to graduation.  Many students will spend the spring semester of their senior year at the Innovation Campus working the Field Study
  • At least 150 work hours must be completed during the enrolled semester
  • Your costs depend on in-state/out-of-state status and the semester/s of completion
  • Refer to the Bursar
  • Yes, coordinate with the Bursar using this form
  • Yes, you will use Canvas to complete professional development and experiential requirements in addition to your Field Study
  • Further info at, BIT 4964 Cyber Field Study
  • Until all work and evaluations are completed and graded, the “X” grade will stand
  • The “X” grade will be replaced with the earned grade when requirements are complete
  • Contact your faculty sponsor and/or employer supervisor asap
  • The Field Study is evaluated with the A-F grading scale