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BIT Cyber, officially Cybersecurity in Management & Analytics, is a STEM Major that emphasizes business processes and data analytics as applied to cybersecurity management.

Students enrolled in the Virginia Community College System who are pursuing Associate Degrees in Information Technology and/or Business Administration have streamlined pathways to attain a Virginia Tech BIT-Cyber degree. 

Students will gain proficiency in cyber policy, risk assessment, incident business response, using data analytics and AI to understand attacks on business assets, and overall management of the cybersecurity function within a business. Graduates of the program will be prepared for jobs as analysts, auditors, and planners within the cybersecurity function.

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The BIT-Cyber curriculum continues to evolve with the dynamic cybersecurity industry.  Our program creates students who start with a strong foundation in business principles with complementary IT fundamentals. The heart of the BIT-Cyber curriculum includes a broad understanding of scalable cybersecurity knowledge and a practical Field Study. Please refer to the latest checksheet for a full list of courses.

Required Courses for all PAMPLIN Students

  • MKTG 3104: Marketing Management
  • FIN 3104: Introduction to Finance
  • FIN 3054: Legal & Ethical Environment for Business
  • MGT 3304: Principles of Management
  • BIT 3414: Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • MGT 4394: Strategic Management (Cyber Section)*

Required Courses for BIT-Cyber 

  • BIT 2104: Careers in Business Information Technology
  • BIT 2554: Linux, Shell Scripting, & Securing the OS for Business
  • BIT 3474: Data Management & Business Analytics in Python
  • BIT 3484: Advanced Business Analytics in Python & R
  • BIT 3554: Networks, Telecommunications, & Security
  • BIT 4484: Project Management
  • BIT 4604: Data Governance, Privacy & Ethics
  • BIT 4614: Information Security
  • BIT 4624: Cybersecurity Analytics for Business
  • BIT 4964: Field Study in Cybersecurity*
  • CS 1064: Intro to Programming in Python
  • FIN 4014: Cyber Law & Policy

BIT Electives (choose two)

  • ACIS 4684: Information Sys Security & Assurance
  • BIT 3514: Systems Analysis & Design
  • BIT 3524: Database Management & Design
  • BIT 4424: Business Information Visualization and Analytics
  • BIT 4544: Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning
  • BIT 5114: Crime and Conflict in Cyberspace*
  • BIT 5134: Cybersecurity Program Design & Operation*
  • CS 4264: Principles of Computer Security
  • MATH 4175: Cryptography
  • SPIA 4374: Federal Cybersecurity Policy & Regulation