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Sujey Edward

Chief Technology Officer at Octo

Sujey Edward is the Chief Technology Officer of Octo where he is responsible for focusing technical teams on developing disruptive technologies, lean software development methodologies, immersive user experiences, and scalable architectures delivered securely with a mission-first mentality. An early champion of the Agile movement, for more than 20 years Sujey has pushed clients toward disciplined disruption that revolutionizes underlying business processes in a controlled manner resulting in leaner, higher performing organizations. He previously worked at Salient CRGT where he managed a $100 million Agile portfolio. Prior to that, he held leadership positions at Advanced Technology Systems Corporation and SAIC. Here at Octo Sujey manages our 5 Centers of Excellences, oLabs Octo’s state of the art R&D facility and the marketing department.  Under Sujey’s watch, Octo has won many innovation awards, and he has been personally won several awards, including Best Boss in Federal IT.