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Ivo Djoubrailov

Deputy Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Mr. Djoubrailov is an entrepreneurial and pragmatic Technology Executive with extensive experience transforming business operations by delivering successful, scalable enterprise technology solutions for civilian and commercial customers. Mr. Djoubrailov was the founder of a successful analytics company focused on delivering enterprise solutions ranging from mainframe and legacy modernizations efforts to deploying innovative enterprise analytics platforms and data lakes. Mr. Djoubrailov oversaw all business functions including strategy, business development, and solution delivery and gradually established the company’s reputation for high-quality and reliable enterprise IT solutions. Mr. Djoubrailov sold the company in 2020 prior to joining the federal government. Currently Mr. Djoubrailov holds a senior Level role within a cabinet agency serving as the Deputy Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Djoubrailov earned a Master of Science in Applied Analytics from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, he enjoys boating on the Potomac, playing tennis, and spending time with his friends and family.