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Kurt Robinson

Amazon Web Services WWPS Solutions Architect Manager for Federal/Non-Profit & Health, Federal Civilian

Kurt W Robinson (Amazon Web Services WWPS Solutions Architect Manager for Federal/Non-Profit & Health), Federal Civilian) has been in the industry for 23 years.  WWPS supports industries such as government, education, non-profit and healthcare organizations worldwide. Federal, Non-profit & Health (FNH) is focused on supporting the federal government, non-profit and healthcare industries supporting US citizens both home and abroad to look out for our national interests.  Kurt is responsible for the AWS Solutions Architecture team for Homeland Security, Enforcement & Transportation.  Previously, Kurt was a Senior Manager Product Management for the IBM and Verizon IT Solutions team supporting IBM and Verizon's sales efforts in over 40 different countries. Kurt has two decades of experience in the Collocation, IT Services and Managed Services field. He joined the company in 2008 and has managed the LATAM region for Solutions Engineering since 2012 until 2014 in order to transition the technical sales team from a Collocation focused team to a Cloud and Services oriented team. Kurt has worked to bring the Brazil and Colombia presales operations into standard processes and procedures used by the US domestic teams. This transition has helped the region be ahead of the curve and prepare for the future transition into Verizon Rapid Delivery when deployed into LATAM in 2015. These goals have helped decrease cost, ensure proper revenue assurance, and maximize revenue per SQFT/SQMeter to build a stronger shareholder value.

Kurt has held positions in the Sales Engineering role within Verizon Terremark for both the US Domestic TIER1 team and the Multinational TIER2 team. Those responsibilities have included the mission critical responsibility of being the technical interface from Verizon Terremark to the client, sales force, Product Management/Development, Finance and Billing teams in order to provide support to sales and he worked closely with product marketing on the development and launch of various products. Kurt provided product demonstrations, presentations, customer proposals, and supports contract requests. He assists in defining future product needs based on client requests and participates in both on-going product training inside the company and works to train the sales force on the products and process around them.